The Reverend Gets Ripped.

The Reverend Gets Ripped. So as most of you know we are just over 5 weeks out from the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival. Im going to be doing a 5 week transformation challenge, for no other reason than the fact that I dont want to look like a bag of smashed assholes at the biggest fitness event on the planet. Im going to be training for aesthetics as opposed to my normal strength training. Be sure to follow my instagram, @tomswole, to keep up to date on my progress. I will be sharing with you guys all the workouts that I do, the supps that I take, the meals that I eat and progress pics. Anyone who wants to join on this 5 week transformation is more than welcome. If you do decide to join please use the hashtag #reverendgetsripped so I can see your progress. Thanks for reading,


Rev. Tom Swole