What is Bell Club Apparel?

Bell Club Apparel is an American apparel company located in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. We hand print clothing that is perfect for crushing your fitness goals or lounging around making great memories with family and friends.

We are The Bell Club.

Bell Club Apparel

Our Story…

Bell Club Apparel was established in 2016 by USMC Veteran Tom Lowell. The idea to start an apparel company came while he was recovering from a surgery to repair his shattered ankle. Due to the severity of the broken ankle he was let go from his job as a police officer. With the likelihood of returning to the police force being very slim, he decided that the best way for him to help his community and his fellow service members was to create a company that gave back. With the help of family and friends, Bell Club Apparel went from an idea to a reality.

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Bell Club is about Unity,

we are all trying to be better.